• Native Americans and the

    November is National Native American Heritage Month and long before the Keys were explored and colonized by the Spanish, the islands were first home to multiple tribes of Native Americans. It is suspected that the Tequestas and... Read More

  • America Recycles Day 2020

    Today is America Recycles Day! Since 1997, November 15 has been a national holiday dedicated to celebrating and educating the public about the importance and impact of recycling. Recycling reduces the amount of trash in landfills, helps conserve resou... Read More

  • Meet the Staff: Casey How

    Casey Howley–Brigham has been a part of The Pigeon Key Foundation and Marine Science Center staff for the past 6 years and the Education and Summer Camp Director since 2018. She is the main contact and organizer for our education groups and summer c... Read More

  • Creature Feature: Peacock

    The ocean is rife with intimidating and effective predators, both big and, unexpectedly, tiny. The most infamous are large animals such as great white sharks, killer whales, and colossal squids. However, some less obvious predators possess incredible ... Read More