Public Marine Science Programs

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The Pigeon Key Foundation is excited to share that we will now be offering weekly marine science education programs to the public. If you have ever wondered about the anima... Read More

Creature Feature: Spotted Sea Hare

Do not be fooled by the name sea hare, this creature does not have fur or the ability to jump and probably is not the best pet. Instead, it is a rather large sized marine slug, named for its ear-like projections called “rhinophores,” that look lik... Read More

Friends of Pigeon Key

The Florida Keys is a small island chain with a tight-knit community. We work side-by-side with many different businesses and organizations in multiple capacities. Here are some of our favorites that visitors will enjoy and some partners that ... Read More

Faro Blanco Resort Discounts

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with the Faro Blanco Resort and Marina! The program now allows multiple discounts throughout the resort by presenting your ferry ticket stub! In order to get to Pigeon Key you have to take a fifteen m... Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission:To protect the cultural history of the Florida Keys and educate our youth through marine science curricula and research.

About Us:The Pigeon Key Foundation and Marine Scien... Read More


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Pigeon Key is a unique destination located in the Florida Keys and most people know us as the "tiny island under the Old 7 Mile Bridge." Located in Marathon, Florida, our history ... Read More