• Creature Feature: The Red

    The animal kingdom is abundant in adaptations that work to hide, conceal, and confuse using tactics as simple as adhering an unassuming sponge to one’s back. Enter: the sponge crab! Our 2019 Marine Science Education season on Pigeon Key has been th... Read More

  • Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

    Pigeon Key has had a busy and exciting spring filled with Marine Science Education groups as well as new research endeavors! We recently partnered with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust of Southern Florida in hopes of providing new information about the ... Read More

  • 4Ocean Beach Cleanup

    It has been almost two years since Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys and beyond, and many business, communities, and families are still trying to fully recover and get back on their feet. Bahia Honda State Park, arguably one of the most favor... Read More

  • Meet Our 2019 Marine Educ

    Holley Maassen, Meghan Moody, Jill Hayden, Klayton Harmon (Left to Right)

    Holley grew up on the Northern California coast which led her to study Marine and Coastal Science and English at the University of California, Davis. She foc... Read More