Did you know that REEF and Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Reefs have teamed up to help support Pigeon Key?! Both organizations are helping us achieve our mission to preserve the cultural history of the keys along with educating the next generation of young scientists on marine biology and conservation.
REEF is a company that focuses on making high quality, durable, and comfortable products that fit in perfectly with the active lifestyle of those who love the beach and ocean. Everyone who lives and works on Pigeon Key has a pair of REEF sandals because not only do they look and feel great, but we also know they will last. Established in 1984, REEF has used their influence and resources to help protect the World’s oceans and beaches. They have pledged to help eliminate pollutants, collecting over 1 million pounds of trash, and have created sustainable products out of recycled, renewable, and organic materials. REEF also is dedicated to raising global awareness and passion for the ocean through a program that introduces children to the ocean well as preserving coral reefs via education and research.
No Shoes Reefs is a grass roots effort founded by Kenny Chesney dedicated to bring awareness and support to ocean habitats. No Shoes Reefs works closely with organizations dedicated to protecting oceans globally including Reef Ball Foundation, Tampa Bay Watch, and Pigeon Key just to name a few. The organization also works with merchandise companies that focus on sustainability and upcycling materials, a shared value of No Shoes Reef, REEF, and Pigeon Key.
Together, REEF and No Shoes Reefs have created a collection of four fantastic sandals this summer and a portion of your purchase goes directly to Pigeon Key! These sandals are both comfortable and durable, making them perfect for coastal living.
We are so excited to be working with such awesome people on such a great mission. If you would like to support Pigeon key and our dedication to protecting the World’s oceans, please go and check out these great sandals and get a pair or two today!