Pigeon Key has once again been awarded Marathon’s Best Summer Camp THREE years in a row! Pigeon Key staff attended the Best of Marathon awards ceremony on September 16 to accept our award. It was a wonderful night for all, and we are entirely grateful to our community here in Marathon for casting their votes! This award would not have been possible without you. A special thank you to our amazing summer campers for making our summers such a blast!

Pigeon Key’s summer camp is a diverse blend of outdoor adventure, marine science, and historical education. Education goes hand in hand with adventure. Campers not only have fun but also gain valuable knowledge about marine life, conservation, and the history of the Florida Keys. Our experienced counselors and educators make learning a memorable and engaging experience. Summer camp season is 6 weeks of fun in the sun, starting in July and ending in August. Both day camps and night camps are offered, with our overnight camps allowing for summer campers to stay on the island in our dorms, roast marshmallows around our bonfire, and go stargazing at night! We offer a variety of hands-on programs to teach to our summer camps, ranging from learning about our local marine habitats to shark and squid biology. One of the favorite activities for our campers is heading to Sombrero Reef Lighthouse to snorkel around the beautiful coral reef and see the wild variety of tropical reef fish.

From Fun Friday competitions to snorkeling through our underwater obstacle course, summer camp season is always a blast for not only our campers, but our staff too! Plenty of kids come back each year for another summer of friendship and fun in the sun. We had a blast this past season with our campers, and can’t wait for the 2024 season to get here!

For more information on our summer camps, check us out on our website for general information, and keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the upcoming 2024 season registration deadlines and availability.

We want to thank you again for voting us as Marathon’s Best Summer Camp, and can’t wait to see our campers next summer!