Every year, for the past 4 years, Pigeon Key has been hosting a leadership training retreat for the organization GutMonkey. Specifically, we have been working with the Generation IX Project, a group of individuals age 18 to 35 with a genetic bleeding disorder called Hemophilia B. These folks come down to Pigeon Key for a few days of team building, personal growth programming, as well as service and authentic leadership training. In years past, the group has participated in snorkeling our reefs in the Florida Keys, collecting invertebrates around the island and exploring the Turtle Hospital and Dolphin Research Center. No year is the same!

GutMoney and the individuals that come every year have certainly left their mark here on Pigeon Key. When the group came in 2018, their first trip to the island after Hurricane Irma, they dedicated much of their time to service projects around Pigeon Key. They assisted in rebuilding our fire pit as well as tending to our gardens and planting much needed native plants across the island. We have learned so much about Hemophilia B and more importantly about the individuals themselves. This organization values “Being excellent to one another, Doing the right thing, and Being brave” and Pigeon Key has been lucky enough to work with those who truly reflect those values.