Join us in welcoming our 5 interns for the 2023 season: Anna Rives, Anna Roach, Hannah Littlefield, Sarah Humphrey, and Caleb Crawford! These are our 2023 Marine Education Interns who will aid in the running of our marine science education center, summer camps and outreach events. We are so excited for what this new education season will bring! Read on to learn more about them.

Anna Rives was raised in Woodstock, Georgia just North of Atlanta. She graduated in 2022 from the University of Georgia with a degree in Biology, Marine Biology. Anna’s childhood was spent going on trips to the beaches of Florida and North Carolina, where she would spend hours snorkeling off the beach in search of crabs and starfish. Her intent to make a career out of her passion was solidified during a three-year STEM pathway in high school, where she researched water quality, bioremediation, and oil spill cleanups. In college, Anna was a member of the Climate and Society Club and participated in animal welfare service trips. She holds an open-water SCUBA certification and just last year she dove with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. She brings tons of experience working with kids including four years spent as a lifeguard. She is now extremely excited for the opportunity to teach the next generation about the importance of environmental protection and marine conservation on Pigeon Key.

Anna Roach was born and raised in Austin, Texas where she spent her childhood going between the lake where she lived, their ranch, and the Texas coast. She studied Bioenvironmental Science and minored in Business from Texas A&M University. During COVID-19 she studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and had plenty of time to take long walks to the coast. It was there when she realized she should pursue what she loves, the ocean. She recently got her Rescue diving certification and plans on spending any free time she has in the Keys going scuba diving. Anna has taught children through her school’s ocean week program, her church, camps, and babysitting. All of this led her to apply to Pigeon Key where she can combine her two passions: marine biology and education.

Hannah Littlefield is originally from Connecticut and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Environmental Science from Ohio Wesleyan University. She was a cheerleader for 3 years and participated in research about viviparous fish behavior and reproduction during undergrad. Hannah has always been fascinated with marine life and fondly remembers taking frequent trips to the aquarium as a child with her grandma and brother. She has always enjoyed working with children and spent this past summer as the Nature and Arts Director at her town’s Parks & Rec summer camp. Hannah hopes to use this time at Pigeon Key to combine her passion for all things marine and teaching, as well as exploring the beautiful habitats of the Florida Keys. 

Sarah Humphrey is from Akron, Ohio, but lived in Tampa, Florida before moving to Pigeon Key. She spent some of her childhood growing up in Florida with a strong passion for marine life and shelling, with a knack for finding shark teeth. She received her bachelor’s degree in Organismal Biology from Kent State University in May of 2020, and completed a year of her Master’s Degree in Marine Science at the University of South Carolina, where she focused on diatom flushing rates in coastal estuaries. During her undergraduate years, she was able to work with Stone Laboratory in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, where she assisted researchers with their projects on fish and water quality. Sarah is excited to be working with the Pigeon Key Foundation and can’t wait for what the education season holds.

Caleb Crawford graduated from the University of South Florida in May 2022 with a B.S. in Marine Biology. He has always enjoyed learning about animals, especially marine ones, and his favorite animals are octopus and squid. Caleb wrote his honors thesis on two different octopus species during his senior year of college. He studied abroad in Curaçao, where he did around 20 dives on coral reefs practicing scientific diving techniques and becoming familiar with Caribbean fish and coral species. Caleb also volunteered at Clearwater Marine Aquarium as a marine mammal intern, where he talked to guests about the resident dolphins and otters. His interests include kayaking, snorkeling, video games, exploring new places and scuba diving. Caleb is very excited for this opportunity and eager to teach students about the fascinating realm of marine science.