Hello friends! We are excited to share that we have added two new members to our Pigeon Key family! We are proud to introduce our rescue ducks who we are currently fostering on Pigeon Key for the Marathon Wild Bird Center. These two have become fast friends with each other and the staff has fallen in love with them.

The foundation is hoping to be able to officially adopt these two soon! Both ducks are physically impaired and will require money for their care and upkeep. Our goal for the fundraiser is $5,000. That is where our community comes into play.
Our feathered friends have yet to be named and are currently called Duck 1 and Duck 2. Duck 1 is a male Muscovy duck and the larger of the two birds. He was brought to the Bird Sanctuary after having lost the bottom half of his leg as a duckling, making it difficult for him to walk. This, however, has not put a damper on his explorative nature. Duck 1 is a fantastic short distance flyer and we have found him all over the island, exploring and staking out his claim here on Pigeon Key. When not traveling, Duck 1 spends most of his time with Duck 2 (they have become nearly inseparable) eating, sleeping, or splashing in their pool. Duck 1 is very shy and definitely the more soft-spoken of the two but is also friendly and curious about people and the island. His favorite snack is dog food and he can be found nestled right next to the food bowl.

Duck 2 is a female Indian Runner duck and is very outspoken. Born with a clubbed foot, Duck 2 is slightly slower than her duck counterparts but that does not stop her. She is very food motivated and can move surprisingly quickly when a snack is on the line. Duck 2 has a very sweet disposition and while she is shy, she has begun to warm up to some of the staff here on the island. Indian Runner ducks are not able to fly as a species, so she has not traveled as far as Duck 1. Duck 2 is very attached to Duck 1 and gets frazzled when he goes on one of his trips. She has an enrichment mirror in her area of the island and enjoys laying in front of it and watching herself (she is a very pretty duck). Duck 2 also loves hunkering down in piles of towels in the sun and can be heard quacking in the early morning hours, or really any time actually.

We have been brainstorming trying to find the best name for each but we cannot find the perfect fit for these charismatic creatures. As a result, Pigeon key will be conducting a “naming of the ducks” fundraiser starting Monday, February 1st, 2021 that will allow you to suggest a new name for either or both of the ducks for a donation to their care! After a month, once all the names have been submitted, you will have the chance to vote for their names for another small donation.

It will cost $30 per name suggestion and if you want to name both ducks, it is a $50 donation. You can submit a name more than once with each additional submission going towards the total vote at the end of the fundraiser. The deadline to submit a name is February 28th, 2021. Once we get to the voting process on March 1st, 2021, it will be $10 per vote and you can purchase as many votes as you want! So if you do not have a name you want to submit, you can still participate once the voting begins.
Please follow the link below to the Fund the Flock donation page where you can learn more about the ducks and submit your name suggestions. We are excited to see what creative names you all come up with!