The Pigeon Key Foundation and Marine Science Center staff have been hard at work collecting fish for the newly enclosed saltwater pool. Originally built in the early 1950’s as a tourist attraction, the saltwater pool was full of vibrant, tropical fish. Feeding stations were available and common fish included Parrotfish, snappers, and grunts. Since the Southeastern corner was removed by the University of Miami in the late 1960’s, the pool has been used as a boat basin, research pool, and even an snorkeling entry point for Marine Science Campers.

Now that a removable gate has been put into place to retain fish and return to the pool to its original state, the staff of The Pigeon Key Foundation have been busy catching fish and transferring them to their new home. Bonnet head sharks now circle the pool with their distinguishing hammerhead appearance along Southern stingrays and bright schools of Rainbow Parrotfish. Future additions include the mighty Tarpon and the intimidating yet friendly barracuda. Make sure to come on out and see all the new additions as you feed them handfuls of fish food from our new feeding station during your next visit to beautiful Pigeon Key!.