Conservation Angling is one of our most popular programs at Pigeon Key in which education groups are taught the basics of fishing by Pigeon Key staff. Simple tasks like how to bait a hook, how to tie a knot, how use a spinning reel, and of course how to catch a fish are foreign to students how have never fished before! We often hear, this is the first fish I’ve ever caught or I’ve never fished before! Thanks to our friends at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Pigeon Key has 12 new spinning reels and 40 new fishing rods! We are very fortunate to have this wonderful partnership with FWC and hope it continues for years to come. The new rods and reels replaced many older rods and reels that had been heavily used. Our education groups will put all of the gear to great use and, I’m sure, will catch many more fish.

Thanks again to FWC for this tremendous donation!